Transcription service is nothing but typing everything that is spoken. Earlier when a board meeting is conducted the secretary will be there to write down everything that is spoken in the meeting (short-hand). However, now the same is recorded in audio or video format and sent to a professional transcriptionist for transcribing the same. 

Transcription Service types:

Transcription Service Benefits:

Why transcript in a Different language?

Transcribing have gained huge popularity and demand across the globe as many companies and business use Audio/Video as part of the main business communication and then converting them to notes is crucial. As business goes global it is required to have transcription to be done in many different languages. This is key to an expanding business 

What makes a good transcription service?

Since you can’t afford to take a risk when it comes to Transcription services, it is wiser to opt for well-reputed firms like Forefront Academy with many years of experience in this particular industry & Experts in many languages. They offer quick and efficient services and the rates too are within the budget.



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  1. You made a good point that a good transcription company will have rigorous quality control processes in place. My brother has been trying to find ways to make meetings easier on one of his deaf employees. Maybe a remote typewell transcription service would be helpful to catch everything he needs.

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