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Located in Bangalore, India we have Native speaking C2 Level expert translators for foreign and local Indian languages


services provided at Forefront Academy

Our team of native speakers are proficient up to 30+ languages and are going to be a perfect partner in localizing your business we offer the best Language Translation Service in Bangalore. We have experience with large Companies in translating Technical Documents, Legal Contracts, Medical Documents, Advert videos and audios 

The team of Forefront Academy is able to translate all types of document in different languages. We translate all the major Indian and Foreign Languages

For the aim of making certain the Accuracy, High Quality, Meaning and Context, we use highly experienced and professional human Native speakers.

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Industries we offer language translation service

IT & Technical

We have worked with clients in the IT sector and thanks to our professional IT translators the output quality has been impressive 


Contracts, Patents or other legal documents our professional Native speaking translators will be the right partners for this task


Using the correct and precise medical terminologies, Our team have been successful to provide more than satisfactory translation services to clients in the medical industry

Website SEO

Not everyone speaks the same language and to grow your bussiness globally you need to speek your audiance languge, Our SEO experts understands this perfectly, We translate your website manually giving better SEO results

Mobile Apps

Similar to SEO or Website translation it is important that Mobile apps too need to be localize, This helps your solution to reach to a broader audience


Want your advertisements to be viewed and heard by the local Audience, We help you translate your advertisements and ads to local languages – both in text and voice over.

About us

enabling dreams with communication

Forefront Academy (FFA) is a training provider company with unique training programs – A Complete Learning Solution for the Corporate World as well individual’s need – An Unique approach, as per the need of the hour to assist businesses and teams to achieve the goals.

Forefront Academy was established in January 2012 in the prime location of HBR Layout, Bangalore North, has been offering English and Foreign language training programs, translations, staffing, Interpretation, subtitling, proofreading, SEO and online training for retail, corporate and institutional clients.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide over all development in students understanding of a language. Further, our courses range from Beginner to Advanced levels & also to broaden the horizon of all students by providing them education of high standards and catering to their ever-changing needs as a teacher, friend and mentor.          

A Complete Learning Solution for the Corporate World as well individual’s need – An Unique approach, as per the need of the hour to assist businesses and teams to achieve the goals. 

Our Services

corporate Onsite Training

At Forefront Academy, we understand that corporates require specially developed language programs which cater to the needs of the chosen participants and provide them with a wider understanding of the language in business and professional situations.


Our oral translators are native and fluent speakers. Every one of them are expert in their native language and English so making interpretation from one language to other no issues for us. Our clients trust our turnaround time.


We convert all types of audio files into well-written text without any hassle.

voice over

Voice over, in very simple language, is a production technique, widely used in a radio, filmmaking, theatre, television production and other allied presentations. The voice over artists read the scripts for creating overlaying recording, in order to provide additional information to the audience.

proofreading services

Proofreading is a specialist skill... Proofreading is the identification and correction of errors and inconsistencies.


Subtitles are essentially the text that appears at the bottom of the screen which is the actual words spoken in the presentation or the movie. These could be the text of the storyline and dialogues in the same languages or a different. Hearing impaired or deaf audience use these to understand and follow the storyline of the presentation or the movie.