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Forefront Academy - Language Training Center

Forefront Academy is a Language training center with unique training programs – A Complete Learning Solution for the Corporate World as well individual’s need – An Unique approach, as per the need of the hour to assist businesses and teams to achieve the goals.

About our company


Forefront Academy was established in January 2012 in the prime location of HBR Layout, Bangalore North, has been offering English and Foreign language training programs, translations, staffing, Interpretation, subtitling, SEO and online training for retail, corporate and institutional clients.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide over all development in students’ understanding of a language. Further, our courses range from Beginner to Advanced levels & also to broaden the horizon of all students by providing them education of high standards and catering to their ever-changing needs. As a teacher, friend and mentor.          

A Complete Learning Solution for the Corporate World as well individual’s need – An Unique approach, as per the need of the hour to assist businesses and teams to achieve the goals.

Why Forefront ACADEMY

FFA provides specialised services into language Training, Interpretation and Translation. We are based at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Forefront Academy conducts various trainings. Our trainings are learner centric, with a Unique approach to the need of that hour to assist client’s business and their team’s objective. We do provide translation & interpretation and cover a wide range of domains in translation services (i.e. General, Health & Medical, IT/ITEs, Marketing, E-learning, etc.)

Programs at FFA are designed to meet every individual’s need, apart from Classroom sessions, Online training, Corporate training, special one on one classes can be arranged for top corporate executives & others travelling at short notice to other countries, apart from regular courses we also have super intensive courses and fast track programs. Such programs are completed in 3 - 4 weeks by our Native Speakers who will be conducting the training.

The Greatest people.

Our Team

Noor Ayisha

Managing Director

An MBA graduate and German Language expert, Her experience of learning and teaching languages have taken her a long way in bringing the Institute to where it stands, today! A multi-tasking person. Before establishing the Academy, she held numerous positions in various corporate companies but always had a passion for learning the languages. Initially Forefront Academy was only a training center, gradually she has taken the company to another level of success with other verticals related to languages like Translation, Interpretation, staffing etc.

Sameena Tabassum

marketing & Finance

Holds the degree of MBA (Finance & Marketing). Being the topper of the school and college, very good mathematics, so she picked her career in Finance & Marketing.

She provides financial guidance and support to the company and our clients and also deals with complex modeling and analysis of our clients.

she knows what is best for the company. Before associating with forefront Academy, she holds vast experience in her career with big corporates. Very energetic, positive thinking and multi-tasking person.

Hajira B

HR & Admin

A Graduate, carrying 10 years of experience in the field of HR and Admin has been associated with Forefront Academy for 7 years, before joining Forefront Academy she has been working with various industries. Always smiling and helpful person. She carries one of the most responsible jobs of the company. 

Her coordination is good with the linguist and as well as with our client. She has a passion for cooking. She comes up with new ideas to motivate the employees to keep up their spirit.

Musa Ahmed

SEO, Web Developer

Experienced Creative Director & A Ex-VP in Goldman Sachs with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Strategy, and Business Analysis. Strong arts and design professional graduated from International indian school Riyadh. 

Has worked on many projects to improve client’s web reach with SEO, With the help of translated language regional reach can be improved too.

Trainer – English

With more than two decades of training, teaching and administrative experience in education, right from kindergarten to the graduate level. Since 2002, she has specialised in English language training for admission tests such as GRE, GMAT and the SAT and proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. In this role, she has mentored candidates across a range of backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. In addition, she has had extensive experience in teaching the teachers as well.

Trainer – French

Being a Native, She feels very happy to teach her mother tongue to people around of any age group, Apart from teaching she has a passion of cooking as well. she teaches Non-Academic and Academic syllabus, she prepares the students for their Board or the class exam, She is a self-learner. As being a Native she makes sure that the students learn as much as possible from her and clear the Certification Exams like DELF, DALF, TEF, etc.

Trainer – Arabic

Raised in Bahrain, he is a native Arabic speaker and is fluent in English. He graduated with a Master’s in English Language and Culture from the UK. Certified in teaching and interpreting, He is working as a trainer, translator, interpreter. He loves traveling, enjoys experiencing different cultures in different countries. He would like to help people who want to study Arabic in the most fun and relaxed way. He plays football and has won many inter-college and Inter-state matches.

Trainer – Portugues

Post Graduate holder in the Portuguese Language, Was working at various IT companies as a language specialist earlier. As he is interested in teaching more than working as a Language specialist, quit the IT job and joined as a trainer. He also translates various domains like General, IT, Books, e-learning etc in Portuguese, English, and Hindi. Holding 7 years of experience in teaching. Ranjan says that the Portuguese language is very easy to learn and loves the Portuguese football team.

TRAINER – Russian

Dr.Ramesh Chandra,( B.A, M.A, and Ph.D. in Russian language and literature.), 57 years old. Living in Bangalore from the past 10 years. Before that, He lived in U.S.S.R and in Russia for 33 years. He is a specialist in Russian literature. In 2009 he came back to India forever, he is been working with us from 7 years. He found that teaching Russian is very interesting from a child to an adult, from a classroom to the corporate.

He has a different methodology for teaching.

Trainer – Korean

Srinivasan has over 16 years’ experience in teaching, variety of roles including Product Marketing, Speech Tester,  Business Development Head, and Marketing Communications.  He keeps traveling to Korean every year and he has been teaching the courses for children and adults. .He loves science and the study of languages and writes small stories and articles in the Korean Language. He also works as a freelance translator from English to Korean and Korean to English, apart from Korean he speaks 5 Indian languages.

Trainer – Chinese

Very cheerful and motivational trainer, origin from China, but born in India. Under her guidance students are able to read, write and speak Chinese.Her students of various group, class, and field. Most of her students are executives, businessmen/women, and students aspiring to pursue a professional course in China.

She feels very proud when she hears her students speak Chinese with her. According to her Learning Chinese is fun and simple under her guidance in FOREFRONT ACADEMY

TRAINER – German 

A Master Degree holder, with an IELTS, TESOL and German Language certifications and carrying a British Council Certified IELTS `Train the Trainer’. Teaching is his passion. He has been teaching for 9 years. When it comes to languages, he is more enthusiastic. He learned the German Language from his school days, His aim is that “all the students should clear their exams with the flying colors”. He trains all the levels of German Language. (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2).

Trainer – Spanish & Italian

She is linguist who is well versed in teaching Spanish, Italian, and Hindi. Apart from these languages, she has certified for N4 level of Japanese. She is very passionate about languages. She is a social activist and animal rescuer; she carries 11 years of teaching experience which includes Corporate and Retail. Her aim is to reach more people with a simple method, because of her teaching methods learning the languages for anyone becomes easy. 

Trainer – Dutch 

Javid was born and raised in India and has lived in Netherland for around 10 years. Interest in Dutch language and culture motivated him to start studying Dutch. He can speak English, Dutch, German, English and other few Indian languages. He enjoys meeting people from different countries and is glad that there are so many people who want to learn Dutch. He has been teaching Dutch Online and offline since 2010. He loves to converse in Dutch all the time.

Trainer – Japanese

According to Priya, Japanese is the most beautiful language of Asia, she carries N2 Certification, her passion for the language is high enough to explain the logical thinking behind kanjis, the pictorial representation of words, so as to make students appreciate the greatness of the language and love instead of going through it with haste. She has been working for corporate training as well. She is also a member at IISC. She is involved in various Japanese workshops and always ready for something new.