A quick course on french. Basic words and scentless that will enable you to make and understand the Basic conversation

So if you’re planning to travel to France or another French-speaking country, Is it true that English is all you need? But not always…

Even if you’ll be spending a short time in a French-speaking country, learning a few basic French language or the phrases will be a rewarding experience and it makes a big difference to your trip.

So whether you’re planning to travel to Paris or any French-speaking country for a week or migrate there for the rest of your life, then, here are 25 of the important and useful French phrases for travel, we suggest that you should learn A.S.A.P before traveling.

1. Bonjour – “Hello”

2. S’il vous plaît / s’il te plaît – “Please”

3. Comment vous appelez-vous? / Comment t’appelles-tu? – “What’s your name?”

4. Oui/Non/Si – “Yes/No”

5. Comment allez-vous? – “How are you?”

6. Je voudrais parler français – “I would like to speak French”

7. Excusez-moi – “Excuse me”

8. Pardon – “Sorry”

9. Je ne comprends pas – “I don’t understand”

10. Que veut dire ça? – “What does that mean?”

11. Plus lentement – “More slowly”

12. Comment dit-on __ en français? – “How do you say __ in French?”

13. Comment ça s’écrit? – “How do you spell that?”

14. Où est…? – “Where is…?”

15. Où se trouve la station de métro la plus proche? – “Where is the closest metro station?”

16. Je voudrais acheter un billet – “I would like to buy a ticket”

17. C’est combien? – “How much is it?”

18. Où sont les toilettes? – “Where are the toilets?”

19. À quelle heure est-ce qu’il faut régler la note? – “What time is check out?”

20. La carte/le menu, s’il vous plaît. – “The menu, please.”

21. Je ne peux pas manger… – “I can’t eat…”

22. Nous voudrions commander maintenant. – “We would like to place an order now.”

23. L’addition, s’il vous plaît. – “The bill, please”

24. Merci beaucoup – “Thanks a lot”

25. Je t’aime – “I love you”

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